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Will zoom only work once in still images?

Have tried everything...but if we put more than one still image in a tourand select "Preview" the second image is just dead still, no zoom in or out.
However, the frame preview shows everything OK for all Still Images.

So, we tried to zoom in, out in again and out again on the same single slide. What happend then was again that "Preview" failed to show all the zooms, but the Frame preview window showed everything OK.

Virtual Tour without being able to zoom out or in in a single sstill image among the panoramas is not much of a virtual tour, but perhaps someone has a hint?

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Yes, it is a bug. You should enter the number lower than the width of the sill image into zoom level. Otherwise, maybe you will not get the effect zooming in and out for still image.

This will be fixed in tw200

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Hi moviemaker,

I tried zooms and pans on multiple images and they work fine.


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A still image is not much of a virtual tour?

Though if you have found a bug I'm sure the guys at easypano will take a look.

I would have thought zooming a still image not part of what the program is about? If you were to display a picture "bigger" then the viewing applet window size then this would most likely offer movement of the "still" image.

Regards, Smooth