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Hi, Fizzwizz,

When tw didn't overwrited the file twviewer.jar, did the publishing progressbar reach 100%?

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Yes it did

I have had a few permissions issues with twviewer too. Once I could not delete twviewer serverside using ftp and had to force delete the file as root, "rm -f twviewer" Also I could not upload twviewer a couple of times due to permissions. I use Dreamweaver's ftp client. This could well be a problem with Dreamweaver or elsewhere but is worth mentioning.

Thanks .... Fizz

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This topic really scares the hell outta me.
But anyways, here are couple things I don’t understand and want some explaining.

Quote: Originally posted by Long on July-31-2004

2 "why isn't the TW file write class not returning False when the file fails to be overwritten?"
In fact, tourweaver is made with vc++(not viewer "twviewer.jar", it is java applet), and it always try to overwrite the file of the same name, although the dest. file is readonly or hidden when publishing. If it can work locally but not at web, It is worth doing that check whether users' uploading software overwrite the file at server. If using ftp function of tw, It will report a error when the file can not be uploaded (Overwrite).

3 Why does twviewer need to be overwritten for my tour to work?
Like flash, when the function inproved, the viewer must be upgrade to support the new function. Of course, it is the developer's duty to guarantee the old function invariably.

Quote: Originally posted by Fizzwizz on July-31-2004

The inability to overwrite the file occurrs locally and not remotely. Why the file was not overwritten locally is a mystery, but even more so is that there is no error notification when the file write returns false. It is my guess that TW does not overwrite the TWViewer jar as it is usually a static file. This is usually no problem except when the file is a deprecated version or when it is corrupt. In these cases it should be overwritten. I suggest, if this is the issue, that twviewer should always be overwritten, perhaps deleted first then written in the publish routine.

I thought all what we need to publish is copy the files in the created folder and that’s about it.
What are you people talking about?