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Wish list and bug report.

Hi gang and Easypano,

it would appear that there are a number of bugs and issues with TW that should be addressed. Therefore I've started a new bug and wishlist topic so that the various issues that have been voiced can be collected under one hat. (Dear Easypnao. Please consider all the issues at hand and be kind enough to respond to all... even if you can't change them)

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From a past thread that easypano has acknowledged they will work on:


Hi ya folks,

I really like this program. After working with Tourweaver for about a week now, the following are what would be nice to have if possible in a future release:

* Tour Resume feature (tour starts back up from where one momentarily stops the tour to examine a scene)
* Undo feature
* Use of other sound file formats like mp3 vs. just au
* Text box (not label) that wraps
* Easier/more intuitive compass setting (THEY'VE FIXED THIS)
* Send/Email to a Friend feature
* Ability to embed Flash?

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Here's my list, consisting of small improvements here and there (I have also mailed this to Easypano):

- possibilty to have own default images to HotSpots, compass images etc.
- scanning and replacing the changed images with new versions -> there could be a button etc. when pressed, it would scan all kind of images imported to TW project (using same paths than the originals) and replacing them if newer images are found. All Scene Descriptions etc. would stay the same
- bordercolor possibility to panorama frame (yes I know you cab use for example transparent gif, but it slows down the pano as with PTViewer -> not good)
- bordercolor not mandatory for map image
- bordercolor possibility to Scene Description
===> to sum those last three up: every object in TW should have ability to choose if border is used or not...
- possibility to have text to the middle or right side in Statusbar
- "movies" for individual panoramas (like PTViewer's MoveTo), so that everytime the pano is loading it goes according to pre-defined route (default is just spinning of course)
- HotSpot toggling (when using skin)
- some small loading indicator when new pano is loading

- Hans


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I asked easypano if we will be getting the next version of TW for free due to the endless problems we are having with current version. You can guess their answer!
Anyway heres a few things I would like in TW;
Be able to define your own boundaries by the use of some sort of vector polygon eg the red line shown on the screen shot below. or something similar to the way the images in the main viewer are framed using gifs. This will allow the 'scanning radar' effect to be kept within the boundaries of the map. But obviously the boundary should be able to be made TRANSPARENT!.
ie being able to define where the sliding box goes, being able to set colours as transparent on both the boxes themselves and the image. also I would like to be able to define where the sliding box goes ie which side, top or bottom etc or have 'columns' as an option in the thumbnail box as well as 'rows'
animated gifs seem to work ok with the TW viewer as hotspots but would like to be able to use animated gifs in maps and as scene links etc etc
If possible I would like to be able to define the viewer as transparent when the tour loads ie without colour.
? Generally be able to define fills/borders as transparent.
? The java viewer seems to be very unstable when more than one internet explorer window is opened and large images are used, it is very 'jerky' ie it images stutter when rotating and this looks VERY UNPROFESSIONAL to people viewing the tours PTviewer & iPIX dont seem to have this problem!. Also the sound 'breaks up' and goes very poor quality.

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I'd like to see the following:

Multiple maps, the ability to switch maps (e.g a master map with areas of interest which can then be switched to a more detailed view.

Definition of map area as a polygon.

Map overlay problem fixed (apparently this is a Java Viewer issue?) but it is frustrating to not be able to run a map around the viewer.

Map visible in skin view.

Edit undo function.

Scene movies.

Multiple selections (to move buttons together) and group elements.

External scene control (instead of having to code it)

Guidelines and rulers

In general, more control and flexibilty over editing or at least 'plug in' links to something else.

More thoughts to follow as I work though it more.

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I find that when I click on the "prev image" button that I've installed to return from photos, I go to the prev image in the image list and not to the last image (a pano) that I've come from. Am I missing something??? I've had to add "return" hotspots on my photos to circumnaviagte this issue. Please add this to the wish list or correct my error.

Apart from that I agree with the above

Easypano, it might be an idea to consider a free or at least cheap upgrade for those already using TW. We are your champions and helpers and have lost lots of time with various issues. This time is more expensive then anything else and would be seen as a gesture of goodwill by many users. We understand the need to make a buck... but positive response from your loayal customers is worth loads more... thats because we're the peers of this Forum and new users/customers will look at how we're treated before purchasing TW. Just a thought. Thanks

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I cant find a stable version ot ptviewer. everyone I have tried uses 99% of cpu resources
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hi, ticktock1957

what is scene movies?

Easypano Observer
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have a word with the guys from panotools. u'll find them in Yahoogroups under panotools. They'll be able to point u to a stable version of ptviewer.

Don't really use it myself... yet.

If I only had an hour to chop down a tree... I'd spend 45 mins sharpening the axe.