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FTP problems

Using the Tourweaver trail/demo version we are pretty happy so far, but we can not make the FTP transfer work.
Get some error that Server is not connected. Posting local and then using WS FP PRo works....

The FTP info in the manual does not go deep and we are no FTP experts....

Anyone out there who can give us some more info on this
(Host name OK instead of the IP adresss...?....Directory info placed where.....manual only say "tour" but do we need something like "public_html/tour...or what?

Last issue: How to get the applet started in its own pop-up window? (not the current window it is linked to)

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best thing to do is publish it to a local folder then just ftp it with a program your familiar with, it only takes an extra minute or so, and you have more control over what you are doing.