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Issue With Resolution of HTML5 Tour from TW 7.5 on iPad 1


I've created tours with a custom skin that is 1000x740px.

I am using TW 6.5 but I downloaded the trial of 7.5 because I want to have my still images appear on iPads in HTML5 tours.

When i publish my tour that is 1000x740px and open it on an iPad 1 it is substantially larger than the screen causing me to scroll sideways.

The iPad 1 has a screen resolution of 1024x768px so I do not understand why the HTML5 tour of my 1000x740px skin is resolving approximately 30% wider???

Regards Jeff.

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Yeah, i've had similar issues with resolution. I also have issues with horizintal and vertical display and don't have a solution. However wanted to show that I'm reading your issue and that there are others here with similar problems. Alas 7.5 is still a bit of a minefield. Have a look at my recent post regarding problems I'm having with Android and kindly have a test of the rebuilt tour i've posted there.


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