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I-pad / i-phone tour not working in iframe,


at this adress (my website) i put a tour for my client that runs fine on ipads/iphones:

Then they paste it into their iframe on their site and,,,not working with ipads/iphones:

Any iframe savy people that could help out?


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Hi Funkins,

I am not an expert in html, but should the link not end with "index.html" (or whatever you named the auto detect html file to)?

Here is the code I use for my iframe links ...

<iframe src="" height="482" width="510" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>


I also tried the 2nd link in your post and tried it with my iPad, but couldn't get it to work. I notice you ended the link with a / . If you were to supply the full url, I could test further, or if you can't do that, just take the iframe code and alter it to your requirements then FTP the file to a test directory on your web server to test.

hope this helps,




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Hi there,

you need to ensure that the link goes to _auto/thenameofthehtmlpageinthisfolder.html

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Thanx for youre answers,

The client had actually gotten the adres right, it just doesnt show.

i ended up publishing with TW 6.5 because i had some trouble publishing html 5 on larger projects. that solved all trouble.