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How to: External link to applet

I try to rewrite my earlier Applet problem:

How to make an EXTERNAL link bring up a web-applet on our server.

The link is cliked on a totally different website to which we do not have access.

We can only send them the complete link-string

Tourweaver only give us the code to put on OUR webpages, as if it was an internal link.

This is not the case. We have no link on our wown website and we have no access to all the external websites.

We need the different tours (on our servr) to "pop up" in the the weburfers screen on his PC when he click the link on the External websites out there (which has been given the absolutte link directly to our applet)

I guess we must embedd some code in our vrious tour, but I am surprised Easypany does not create that automatically on the website we shall upload.





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I gather you want to keep the tours on your server but want to link to the tour from the clients website? if so it id quite simple, by changing the java code on your html page ie TW gives you the code:

<a title="#""Tourviewer_peppers.html",'_blank','status=yes,top=0,left=0,width=600,height=300');>peppers tour</a>

If you change the code to include the absolute URL of were the tour is located


<a title="#""",'_blank','status=yes,top=0,left=0,width=600,height=300');>snainton</a>

then you can access the tours on your server from any of your clients websites.

I hope this helps.