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Permanent virtual tour embeding no facebook

Is it possible to embed a virtual tour on facebook permamanently, not on the timeline, but somewhere it wouldn't desapear by the time, like among the photos or so.


Some links for example, please.


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It is not yet supported to have permanent virtual tour embeded on facebook for the moment, as a alternative, you could host your virtual tour on our EP-SKY for free and share it with you friends and family:)


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In fact, there is a way to leave the tour on facebook page. But to be on a page, not user.

You need to install the application "Static HTML". After this, use the following code to set the tour in a tab:

<iframe align="center" frameborder="0" height="540" scrolling="no" src=" VIRTUAL TOUR URL "width="820"> </ iframe>

replacing the "VIRTUAL TOUR URL" for the url of your hosted virtual tour.