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Hi Robert,

Thanks for your suggestion, it's helpfull. Yes, this pano was creating with one shot lenses.

Ones again thanks.


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Keep at it Andrew... some guys use one shot lenses to some good effect... though they seem to tend to have this slight curve in them that makes image look strange. Also they tend to not be great on resolution. That means that they're trying to put a lot of image into a single shot. Thats why they tend to be grainy...

I think you'll find that many users, especially those who want to not just do realestate work, (for which a one shot can be useful) will tend to opt for at least a 2 or 3 hemisphere image. The cheapest set-up that has been well proven and that has been used by most is the Nikon Coolpix range of Cams 990, 995 and 4500 are fairly cheap nowadays and offer fair results when used with the FC-E8 lens. Some have opted for newer models 5000, 5400... and the larger, heavier FC-E9 lens.

The big benefit is that u have a lot more control, have better images (3 is even better then 2) and nearly everyone who's involved in pano work will have used them and will be able to help.

A good strong tripod is very useful as is a good panohead. Example:

CP 4500                       about $400-$500 new

FC-E8 Lens                  about $130 new

Kaiden Tripod               about $150

Agnos Mrotator head     about $150

Software eg PWpro       about $300

Total is about 1100 for new products. + Some picture software eg Photoshop.

Realistcally... this is the base minimum to be able to produce quick and consistance work. (Though some save on a tripod... panohead...I for one think it's worth it every time.)

This demo is just  to give a comparisson. Note that I've taken 5-6 shots in each direction with different exposure times so that I can blend the images in Photoshop to get better overall exposure. This way I can avoid some of the "blowing out" of the windows and even retain s look outside. I also think that, whilst it is time consuming, a good/clean map will make a big difference to the overall value of the tour.

ohhh.... I've got to go and have a beer or two with my family... back later.

Oh yes, how was Egpyt????

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