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Large tour workflow/timeframe. Pls test

Hi guys, I've just made this tour for a local real estate firm. It's designed for CD useage, therefore the panos are 140-220kb large. 10-11 panos and about 10 photos.

Took 1.5 hours to take images. All stiching and PS work on all panos and images took about 3 hours. (designing the template skin and layout and map took 5 hours, but I'll be reusing the layout again and will therefore save this time in the future) Putting the tour together took 2 hours (without hotspots between rooms and no screen description work)

I've way overdone it as far as complexity and fullness of the tour is concerned as it's more suited for a perminent tour rather then for a bread and butter tour. I'll be chargeing around 300 Euros for this. A Hotel or similar would be charged considerably more. However, this is our second trial and the company is one of the largest in the area and is testing to see if tours will enhance their workflow and enable better sales. 

What I'm pleased about is that I have my own workflow down pat so that I can actually create good quality work in relative short time: Setting up cam and taking 2 hemi shots (3-5 in each direction), pre-stich layerwork in PS for windows and shadows, stich and post stich cleanup (only needed to do very slight manual tweeks on 3 panos whilst stiching), TW work.

My workflow has always been hampered by the displaying side of things. The scripting time was just to long. TW has managed to fit in very nicly with this workflow and has enhanced my tour creation abilities dramatically. Thanks for that.

Now all Easypano need to do is launch the next updated bug free version and we can get some real work done.

If I only had an hour to chop down a tree... I'd spend 45 mins sharpening the axe.
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Hi phoenixrising

What equipment have you used taking the photos. Great tour by the way...

Did you set up any lighting ? You camera and lens ?Sorry if you have written all this in another mail in this forum...

Own a Nikon D70 and consider buying the 10.5 mm fish eye...


See you around...
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Hi there jopper and welcome to the forum.

I'm useing the CP4500 and Nikon FC-E8 lens with Manfrotto KC 141 Tripod and Agnos Mrotator A Panohead.

All images (apart from the entrance) are just 2 shot hemis which suffice for s web tour of this size. Imges are 130-200kb each 1600x800 set in 400x300 frame.

No lighting needed. I do however put on all the lights in the room and take 3-7 shots at different exposure levels. I then use one of the shots as the base template shot and import all the shots into Photoshop 7. There I do layering work and highlight shadows or lowlight overexposed elements giving me then a single image which will then be stichjed with counterpart. Trick is to make sure that u layer in the same exposure shots so that they match when stiching.

D70 is a Cam I want to get but hear that the Sigma 8mm is a better choice. Don't forget that u won't get a 3 shot stich using ur D70 with the 10.5 or 8mm lenses . U'll need at least 4 + 1 for zenith and nadir. This means that panoweaver isn't going to be able to support ur setup. (thats why I'm useing the CP4500/FC-E8 combo). However u can import ur stiched images into Tourweaver and wait for the new updated PW which should support Digi SLR's. There's a fair bit of info on these forums on why what how and why not for Digi-SLR's.

Hope this helps. Cheers

If I only had an hour to chop down a tree... I'd spend 45 mins sharpening the axe.