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Viewer Problems

I have created a new skin but when I place the view on I put it behing the graphics as I need it, but once I preview it it sets it on top of all my graphics and covers it up.  I make sure that I click on the send to back button but for some reason when it is previewed it does it work.

Any Suggestion?


Look at what I mean

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I know what you mean.

Why don't you make the graphic the first image instead to come up when the tour loads?

Also, you may want to make the tour smaller.  This would make the tour load faster and also not necessitate having to use the horiz scroll bar to see the right side of the tour.


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I agree with eagle. Have a background skin with graffic, add ur viwer with the same graffic but maybe buttonize it to let it stand out and add the start image as part of the overall graffic look... to then blend into the tour. Also, I really don't like the fact that u offer a small window for such a large underlieing window. I always thhought that side scrolling was a no no.


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