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HTML5 problem with hotspot down state in 7.7 and 7.8 beta2


I have a little problem with hotspots in HTML5. I created a hotspot, and set some images for normal, over, and down states. Normal works fine, when I hover over a hotspot, it works as well, but when I click on it, nothing happens. The image set for the down state doesn't appear, only the one set for over state. I tried to create some tours from scratch, but it never worked, am I doing something wrong or it is some kind of bug? Because it works fine in flash version...

And I have one other question. In IE11 tours are kind of slow, in all other browsers including mobile ones it is fast. Can it be tweaked somehow?



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Hi Karl,

Please check the filename of the image and make sure there's no illegal character.

And give me the link of the tour, or send me the project through WeTransfer. Our developers will help to find the solution.

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