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Slider Video, Music, Effects in Flash?

Slider Video, Music, Effects in Flash?

Hello, we are testing several programs especially this Easypano TourWeaber 7.80.140527 DEMO.....

Do not see how it can do a Slider whith multiple video (see photo example),

The idea is to list 10 to 15 videos, in the Slide..... be possible to post and example or template that can be download....

Older versions had different languages (eight) and this version 7.80.140527 English, Japanese .....

Missing options as:

List Slide change the background music

Video player has few options

Slide Videos

Flash Effects (Background, buttons,animations, mouse, menus,transitions, slide....)

Languages Pack

Asvanced Video Tutorials (Languages)

LINK  Photo

Please a video tutorial or tempplate for this virtual tour (Download)  Thanks....


Hola, estamos probando varios programas Virtuales, en especial este Easypano TourWeaber 7.80.140527 Demo no Pro...

No vemos como realizar un Slider con varios videos ( ver foto anexa en link ) no queremos Slider con Fotos si no solo videos.

La idea es poner de 10 a 15 videos en el Slide, Sera posble cargar un un ejemplo o Template que se pueda descargar o no esta en la version Demo...

Gracias por la colaboracion......