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Trip to the Apple Store

Since the Tech Support people at Easypano have been very little help solving problems with the Tourweaver HTML5 output, I took it on myself to try to find out what the problems are and how to design my tours around the problems.

I'm planning on buying a iOS device to test, troubleshoot and demonstrate the HTML5 version of my virtual tours.

This is an important feature to me, because I have been planning an Advertising Campaign for my real estate photo and virtual tour business with HTML5 compatibility being essential to its success

Hence a trip to the Apple Store here in Albuquerque

I got the help from a really helpful sales guy and on Friday night, the place was packed

This is the webpage with a three 360° scene Tourweaver tour embedded in the page on my website

The tour is a simple 500x400 pixel tour with a Sceneviewer, a TextArea with the names of the scenes, a Full Screen button, Pause/Resume button and a Next and Previous button below the Sceneviewer.

There are no still pictures in this tour, just 360s

Its embedded in the webpage with an iFrame

The Flash version works perfectly on my PC

On an iPad, iPad Mini 2 and Mini 3, the tour plays just fine, smooth rotation and I have to say my photography looked great on the Retina Display

But the "nav bar" is different than the one I designed.

From left to right, a Menu Popup button, an icon that has two arrows with curved shafts circling each other, left, right, up and down arrows and a tiny world map.

The left, right, up and down arrows, turn the 360 just fine. So does clicking and dragging in the image itself.

I assumed the icon that is two arrows with curved shafts circling each other was a Resume Rotation button, but it didn't work on any of the iPad devices.

I couldn't get the image to go back to level rotation other than manually guiding it with the up, down, left & right buttons

The Menu Popup button makes the navbar taller and displays thumbnails of all three 360s. The 3 thumbs fit below the image, so I don't know how more images would fit. Clicking on a thumb loads that image. Clicking the Menu Popup button again, shrinks the navbar back down.

I don't think the tour would "play" all the images by itself, but don't remember if the scene changed after the first one rotated all the way around.

So the HTML5 tour did display the 360° fine but the navbar didn't work very well and there was no Full Screen View button available, something that would be really useful on the small Mini screens

Nothing in the Documentation from Easypano I've seen says there would be a different navbar in the HTML5 version than the one I made and that appears in the Flash version

On the iPhone 5s, 6, 6 plus and iPod touch, there is no Navigation Bar

So the only navigation is clicking & dragging in the image itself, but no way to resume continuous rotation.

And after many tries by both the sales guy and myself, we found no way to get to the next 360° scenes

Again, I don't remember reading that there would be no NavBar on the HTML5 tours when played on the smaller sceeens of the iPhones & iPods.

So the tour can't actually "tour" from one scene to the next on iPhone 5s, 6, 6 plus and iPod touch, making the HTML5 output pretty much useless.

Since there are far more iPhones and iPod Touches than iPads in use, this is a major bug that needs to be fixed immediately

Doug Aurand
Albuquerque, NM
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Joined: 2010-04-02
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Posts: 95

And 27 days later there is no comment from Easypano about this SIGNIFICANT problem

Doug Aurand
Albuquerque, NM