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I have downloaded Tourweaver demo, I downloaded 6 panorama's and 10 still shots in the red template, but I want only the still shots in the lower smaller squares and not the pan stills in the lower squares. How do I delete the pan stills in the lower squares and keep the virtual tours up top in the big square? If this makes sense please advise me. Thanks, Eric.
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I don't think this possible Eric, All images that will be shown through the Java Applet window show along the bottom in "Thumb Nail" form for people to select from. (Unless I'm mistaken?) Maybe another user will come forward with a confirmed opinion.

Regards, Smooth

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Hi, easlett

Do you mean you just want to show the thumbnail of still images but not the panoramic images? If you add "Thumbnail" component in your virtual tour skin, I am afraid that all the small shots will be shown. If you just want to some of them to be listed as thumbnails, you may make it in this way: 1.Add "StillImage" in your virtual tour skin. 2.In the right column, select an image and an action for it. The action setting will enable you to link the thumbnail to any panorama or still image. Though it may take you some time, I believe it can be a solution for you.

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