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Customising Tour Paths

This is really a follow up to part of my previus topic. The Problem: If you have a series of panos that follow a path, you can set the initial pan angle so that visitors can follow that path by clicking on scene hot spots and hence 'walk' along a route. The trouble is that to 'walk' in the opposite direction, you have to turn each pano through 180 degrees (if the path follows a straight line) in order to find the hot spot the move to the next position back along the path. You could duplicate each pano with a different initial pan angle but obviously this could lead to much larger file sizes. There is another way:

Once you have published your tour, open the config.txt file (in the Skin zip folder) and you will see a series of scene descriptions starting like this:

s0.type = sphere = pano15-harbnorth

s0.transitioneffect = fade

s0.img = Scene/pano15-harbnorth.jpg

s0.panmax = 180

s0.panmin = -180

s0.pan = -41

s0.tiltmax = 90

s0.tiltmin = -36

s0.tilt = 0

s0.fovmax = 101

s0.fovmin = 35

s0.fov = 65

s0.movable = true

s0.speedrate = 20

s0.hotspot.num = 2

s0.hs0.action = playpano(3)

s0.hs0.bounds = 712, 519, 67, 56

s0.hs0.img = Skin/tourarrow1.gif

s0.hs0.mouseoverimg = Skin/tourarrow2.gif

s0.hs0.mousedownimg = Skin/tourarrow3.gif

s0.hs0.appearance = fix

s0.hs0.color = 255, 0, 0

If you duplicate this using a new description number (say, s11 instead of s0 - make sure it is not is use for another image), you can then alter the line:

s0.pan = -41

to reflect the new required pan angle and (in the description for the scene that points to s0 - in this case s1 ) change the line:

s1.hs0.action = playpano(0)    to s1.hs0.action = playpano(11)


The result is that on the 'return' journey the pano referred to in s1 will go to the same image used for s0 but go to s11 and use the new pan angle. It takes some coding and figuring out but it works and makes navigating tours more logical and obvious. REMEMBER to increase 'scene.num' in the first line of the file to reflect the new number of scene descriptors.

Also, if you are using compasses on the map, you will find (in config.txt) map descripors like:

map.compass.number = 43

map.cp0.scene = 0

map.cp0.loc = 401, 221

map.cp0.bordercolor = 0, 0, 255

map.cp0.img = Skin/tourmapbutton1.gif

map.cp0.dim = 40

map.cp0.initangle = 207

Change this to refer to the new 'scene' i.e change 'map.cp0.scene = 0'  to 'map.cp0.scene = 11' in this example and change 'map.cp0.initangle' to reflect the new required angle of view. Again REMEMBER to increase 'map.compass.number' to the new number of compass descriptors.

I'm not saying this is the most elegant solution but it does work.