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Any comments?

If you have the time, please check out its just gone live.

Comments and suggestions are more than welcome but, please, before you get too critical, bear in mind I'm aware of a lot of things that I will be revisiting over the coming weeks/months - the main thing is this is up and running because I had a deadline and this was started less than two months ago.

There are lots of issues with the panos but I only had a month in Turkey and during that time I had to get people behind the idea, take the pictures and build the pages for all the companies that signed up while I was there and take the panos as well.

Regarding the panos (there are 60 of them), the issues were:

- This was September so the sun was never very high which gave issues with shadows which had to be taken out

- with people, cars etc moving about (and the number of pictures to be taken) it wasn't possble to leave the camera alone so more shadows and stitching issues.

- each pano consisted of 9 shots - 3 fisheyes as you might normally take to give me a set as back up plus 6 more (2 at each rotational position - 1 normal, one overexposed), This because the sun was so bright it left the interiors of everywhere as 'blackholes' on normal exposure. The images were blended and then stiched which raised more issues with movement in the images.

- shooting fisheye images on block-paved streets is your own worst nightmare from a stitching point of view.

Overall, i think I've got acceptable results given the issues and time available. I will be revisiting the original images and spending a lot more time on each pano as and when I can.

BTW I used a Nikon Coolpix 8700 with FC-9 fisheye on a Panosaurus head which I adapted to take the fisheye lens. Stitching was with Panoweaver.

Te config files for the tour were heavily modified to allow visitors to 'walk' down the street in either direction without having to rotate views - as you enter a new scene it automatically looks ahead in the same direction as you were looking before.

It was a lot of work but worth it, I hope you agree.