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I've done the test with both MS JVM and SUN JVM. It is true that the tour works fine with MS JVM, but pulsate with most versions of SUN JVM. This could be a defect of SUN JVM. so I'm afraid we can do little to these JVM related problems right now.We're very, very sorry for the inconvenience.
But I believe we can try to cover it by adding some action to the still image(Say, zooming in/out). By doing this, the viewers could easily ignore the pulse.

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...ehmm... Master young.... I don't think that ur solution of zoom in/out as a fix for this problem is something I even want to consider. The weird thing is that this has only recently started to happen. I've not changed anything on my set up.... and yet still... hhmmmm.

I know you guys want to launch the newest version of TW in Oktober.... OKTOBER... eeekkkk in the mean time I'm trying to make a business work and keep stumbling over these many little blocks that kind of degenerate the quality of your product. HHmmm.... Is it not posssible for a fix in between the new launch??? Or does the rewriting the software from scratch preclude this??

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Has there been any update on a fix to this pulsate problem? I've had this problem all along with my all stills, I just figured that Tourweaver couldn't handle stills. I wrote customer sercive regarding the "earthquake" effect that I was having on my still tours, but they never experinced any problems.   So I was out of luck.
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The answer thus far is to use only Microsoft JVM and the problem goes away. Good luck convincing all lookers to switch though!

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