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TW saved my day..!

Well, just wanted to share some positive things about TW with you, bacause it really saved my day just last week!

I've shot some spherical panoramas a while ago from local maritime museum in Rauma City (Finland, Europe, ). Panos are still waiting to be shown at their pages, I will do a tour to them with TW sometimes soon.

About a week ago the museum's intendent(?) called me and said that if it would be somehow possible, he would need a tour consisting of my panos and some of their own photo footage and text. And he would need it _next day_, when he was leaving to a big exhibition where they had a stand. It would be shown there.

So he had the idea just like that and called me right away. I said something like it _could_ be possible, and next we were on our way to purchase brand new 30" LCD television, where the tour would be shown to people.

I brought it to my place, connected my laptop to it and fired up TourWeaver. I was allowed to copy and use some graphics from their website so that helped me a little, everything else had to be made from scratch.

Well, it was a quick call but I did manage to get quite a nice tour in a just few hours! Wirh Internet Explorer in kiosk mode, it was a nice full screen experience.

I made a custom movie path (lasting about 5 minutes) to it, so that it would show the tour without user intervention. Of course I put drop-down list to it, if they wanted to show some particular panos/photos from the tour...

I just talked with the guy, he came back from the exhibition. He was so thrilled about the tour and told that it had a very much attention there... he was quite sure that I will get more customers soon..  And of course I can bill whatever I want, so that is not so bad either...

Also the tour worked fine, no slowdowns or crashes at those 10 hour days.

Here's two screenshots about the thing:

That tour is not going to be in the net in that particular form, but I will do a lighter web version to their site this spring.

(Funny, that image in those screenshots looks kinda synthetic or even CGI, but it is actually from the real spherical panorama, which I did shot inside a navigation simulator's cockpit... )


So the point in this post is, that even with its faults and other things TW can make some things that some other software would have hard time to achieve.



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Excellent Hans,

Great to hear a good news story .  Lets face it, without Tourweaver it would not of happened. Better then that it will continue to improved.

Regards, Smooth

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Well done Hans... it's great to have a positive experience in this business.

I also seem to be having more and more positive input due to tours and am able to sell whole websites based on the strength of TW output.

If I only had an hour to chop down a tree... I'd spend 45 mins sharpening the axe.