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Layering of screen components...

I am a new user and creating my first tour.  The map I am using is of an L shaped room and I want to overlap the scene description so that it partially covers the unused portion of the map.  I see in preview mode that the map takes precedence and covers the lower portion of the scene description.  I tried converting the map to have transparent areas where the description should show through, but no change.

Any suggestions?

Rick Conrades
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Hi, Just a couple quick questions.  After we save your tour, we go back into your file and 6 icons show up.  How can we get only1 icon?  This would be easyier for our users transfer to the web, disc and emails.  Any ideas?

Lastly, what is the best way to remove a photo, map or etc off of a skin in TW.

Thanks Garrett 

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Garret... put all the folders into 1 folder and u have 1 icon.

Part 2... try it.

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