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.au sound file converter

Hey Everyone


I recently ran across an audio program that works great for converting and recording .au
sound files.  It is actually an earlier version on the one that Easypano recommends on their web site to use.  Its called Cooledit 96 it works great.  You can record narrative files and alter them in length and sound.  I’ve converted .wav with no problem And tried to convert mp3 but I don’t know the initial import settings for them, if anyone who is audio savvy and knows please let me know I’d appreciate it.
     The good thing is it’s a trail version that is free and doesn’t expire.

You can get it at:
at the bottom of the page is the download button, and as a extra bonus, below that there is a link to a page called user comments, take a look at the comment by the person called cool editor. 

To convert a file 1st go to Edit>convert sample type   make setting to
Sample rate: 8000 Channels: mono Resolution:  8-bit


Click OK



Then:  File>Save as    choose .au,  
 before you save it click options and select mu-Law 8-bit.

Click OK


Then click mike (Gidg)
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