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Hehe, its more than a week now waiting for the tour links. Are you cooking the tours? Pleas I don't like it too much grilled. Keep it medium rare, lol
It is obvious
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360VRE, I just wanted to throw this in. AdMission deals with advertizing and was made a separate company that ipix still owns stock in.

I think you must have it confused with their infomedia division which is virtual tours and 360 degree photography.

I doubt that division is going anywhere because it's used for security as well. For an example it was used at Reagan's funeral to help security personnel to assess security risks. It was also used by border security to photograph the Maxico/American border. I don't see them putting it on the chopping block for that and other reasons.

I've never heard of the jpeg thing before and can't comment on that.
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Makes sense, but I do not think it is making as much money as it did, especially after Homestore headed in another direction. Homestore was its initial gateway to their clients. They have already made market adjustments with their new interactive studio suite, but even that seems a little out of touch with VT providers. Selling the VT to realtors is tough and making money at it is even harder. There have only been a handfull to do so, but their is an army of providers that are waiting in the wings and I think they will eat up the IPIX providers. That is just my take on it.

Let the games began.

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I was taking some panos around a scout site in the uk & got talking to an American Scout Leader. He had this to say:

We hired this programmer to write us some code for a robot with fisheye lens used to clean out nuclear waste tanks. He used the maths published by the Institute of Electrical Engieneers a long time back. After he tried to patent these algorithims & some local court of good ole' boys allowed him to do so.

...and that is IPIX. So any attempt to squash others on the grounds of infrigement is just plain silly/greedy/doomed.

Now please tell me why my tourweaver product hangs so much on playback. Is this because I am using several 1 meg files each 4000 * 2000 pixels? If so what size is workable?