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Leaders (EPublisher perspective)

We, as humans, are all different to each other but have commonalities as well. Leaders, as we know them, are also humans. There is no set definition or procedure for one to be qualified with leadership skills. As with any other skill, it needs to be understood at inception, practised, honed and then repeated. Whenever we think about leadership, the statement ‘to each his own’, comes to mind and that’s fitting because every individual has their own unique style and method of leading.
It can be daunting and awe - inspiring for novice entrepreneurs or budding leaders when they are either quoted or have the pleasure of personally getting acquainted with some of the best leaders we have (or had). Having said that, not all we hear or get told are facts and one must not form pre-conceived notions or ideas relating to leadership skills. We must segregate facts from myths and not let it hinder or intimidate us in our quest to be successful leaders, in our respective spheres of life.

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Mark from Baltimore

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A leader is the one who motivates everryone. I have read an article about many leaders at These 5 tips are really good and everry leader should adopt these qualities.

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Human beings being a social animal has the tendency to group themselves together into a group and create a leader. Thanks for this article. Quite informative.

Scott Porter

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