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models on iPad and iPhone

Does anyone know how to publish a rotating object (modelweaver) and make it work on iPad and iPhone?  I have seen it done before but do not know how they did it.  I am a home builder/designer and want my clients to be able to view the rotation (camera around the focus instead of focus around the camera (panos)) in addition to panos

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are you planning to add support short term?
I am also interested on having the model viewer on iPad.
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Easypano Modelweaver does not support Safari HTML5 at this stage.

Regards, Smooth [8D]

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I am also looking for a tool that can support Safari HTML5. Are there still no plans on implementing this type of feature?
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I have used iPhone 7, but I did not know how to do rotating object and as well as I want to know the tools which support HTML, hp printer won't print black here they provide me the information to create this with some easy tricks, so if you want some solution about that matter, you can also go there.