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I'm currently using TW 6.0010118 and the hint text on hotspots is driving me crazy, i change the size or font and it stops working, It seems to work better in the beta 6.5 but i can't risk upgrading untill its debugged especially if you can't have both versions running with a full license, so is there a version before 6.5 that i can download that fixes this issue and doesn't break too many other things?  I'm kinda desperate at this point for a solution







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Hi Mitch,

Sorry for the inconvenience this problem has caused you.
I suggest that you try 6.00.101203 and in this builder the following bug is fixed:
[-]If two hotspots are applied the same hint content, sometimes the hint fails to show when the tour is played.

I am not sure whether the above is the right fix for you, so if you still have problem with 6.00.101203, please let me know and send me your project for test. Sometimes special letters also cause problems.

Download 6.00.101203

Thank you.
Jenny Zhao from Easypano