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Request swf files for hotspot and ...

Request -> Hint for "Media - Flash" and swf files for Hotspots      
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i have same request .
I've tried Flash cs5 for creating my own hotspot but , there is a problem , when i click on my costumised button it dosent do the action that i added in tourwaver , please help me its very urgent.
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When you add a hotspot in the scene ,check "properties" of hotspot.You will see there are two kinds of hotspot one is color second one is image.

You will see that it need you three image.In fact it is not gif image but "tristate image"--same iamge but three kinds of colour.

Here is the sample

For the swf hotspot issue.

You can add a .swf. flash to the scene and add a action on it.

We have no limit of size of this .swf only if it is a .swf file.

Please check this link about how to make swf file.

How to make swf file ?

In fact you can add many other components as "hotspot" if you can see "manage hotspot " button in its Properties.

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