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Turning off Autosave the project?

Is there a way to turn off autosaving the project?

Tourweaver gives only max 200 undo states, but for example if i delete something from the objects list then i can't undo that...

And whenever I reach the limit and close my project (without saving it) and then open it again - all of the changes I made after my last save to the point of max undo state were saved automatically - even I never pressed the save button nor I applied changes on closing project.

For example I did a tour, saved the project. Decided to modify a bit so opened it again, but never bothered to name it differently while making changes. When I decided I'm done I saved it as different project name. When I wanted to open the previous version I couldn't because it autosaved while I made changes that couldn't go beyond undo states...

I never expected it to happen, it's pretty annoying.

I really want to save my project whenever I feel like, and make any amount of changes to it before I decide to save it, and have ability to revert back to the point I opened my project.
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i agree i feel like its a bug in the program, in fact i also noticed that when you just save  (not save as) it doesn't actually save the changes so you loose everything you did, the oly way to guarantee that its saved is to save it as a new name.




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agree as well,
contacted ep and they only mentioned the above undo states as a way out.
already had quite some troubles because of autosave.