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Tourn Smoothness

On March-06-2011 hayalet3687  wrote:

"dear friends
prepared for the tour is very low quality video image.I want to increase the fps rate does not accept.What is the solution for this problem?
Thank you to everyone"

And I say: Is that our beloved Tourweaver can never turn the image with the smoothness of  [some other software] or [some other software]? Is Tourweaver doing something about it?



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That has been a problem for a while and, it could be that EP did what they can do. I guess they use different approach which has its pros and cons.
In time being this problem will go away, because the technologies are getting better (html5 browsers claim that they will support hardware acceleration, adobe flash will also support more acceleration capabilities than it supports now) as well as computers.
Beside the problem Tourweaver offers a lot more capabilities (code complexity also contributes to slower frame rates) than other panoviewers. That's why i settled with TW.
Will TW be faster? Certainly - yes, up to serveral times faster. Regarding EP - don't know anything.

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