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Export to Video Bug?



I'm using TW6.5 ver 6.50.110325 and having a problem exporting to video (any format)
If I have a still image as the first frame in the Movie, then the Export Video function does not work. If I reposition a panorama to be the first frame image the export function works fine. I have tried this with TW6 and TW6.5 and they both show the same problem. To test this I tried the sample tour that is installed with TW and it exports to video (H.264) fine, but if I start the sample movie with a still image (ie not a panorama) the export function fails every time.
This may be a bug, or maybe am I doing something wrong? The reason I need output to video is that I (reluctantly) agreed to upload a tour to YouTube!
Could someone check this out and confirm a bug.



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I have tried to export function with a still as my first scene to (H.264) MPEG-2 and also DVD_NTCS and they all worked

My TW is ver 6.50.110325

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