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HTML5 Map an Buttons?


I have read in the FAQ TW that only one map for HTML5 support. Is that the reason why some cards do not display correctly? Are possible for future versions of TW multiple cards?

When I export my Flash tour with the same settings for HTML5, my navigation buttons are displayed somewhere. Is there an option for export, hide all the buttons? Or do I remove the buttons first before I export the tour and extra save?

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I am having this trouble too.
Any suggestions?
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From what I've seen the buttons don't work in HTML5 only in the Flash vesion so I've been removing the images from the images folder after publishing the tour.

And I've also noticed that thumbnail images 11 and over are displayed as black boxes and I'm having to recreated them and replace the images for those items as well.

tb_item_Scene11.jpg tb_item_Scene11_small.jpg etc...

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