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I just figured it out!

If anyone has any questions in the future - here was my solution.

Smooth was correct - you have to have an html file to work with. In my case the autogenerated file did not work (as I would like it to)

I had to hard code the line '' into the ahref link.

Working good now though.

Thanks again

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Quote: Originally posted by Hunters Friend on July-15-2011

Okay Smooth, just to show I am not looking for someone to build my website, I went through every resource I could find and came up with nothing. I even downloaded the user guide but it is really old - Version 2 or somewhere along those lines.

When you say I must publish to the HTML page not only the swf - I am taking that to mean I have to have both link (somehow) to the same viewer. (Not sure how that is even possible)

I have published the file in both swf (my preferred preference) and Flash VR.

TW then creates all of it's files which I have then uploaded.

If I put up both the swf and the Flash I have 1 executable that launches a popup viewer (swf) and a text link that launches the movie inside of windows full screen.

(But, the changes on my text area are holding in the html link.LOL)

I have followed the instructions for the html file and pasted them as they are

<a title="#" onClick="'TourWeaver_rw23.html','_blank','status=yes,resizable=yes,top=0,left=0,width=640,height=480');">TourWeaver_rw23.html</a>

but that still only gives me a link that opens in the viewer and not as a popup window.

(I think part of the issue is that I am working with Word Press on my site and it is tricky for javascript)

Thanks, Mike

You should be publishing to Flash VR or Automatic Flash/HTML5

These are the options for publishing to a web page.

One of these HTML pages publish is the "tour" the other is a launch page to make the "tour" open in a sized window. (or you get the code from this page to add to your existing HTML page).

You link to the .html page, never directly to a .swf file. Because if you do, your .swf file has no instructions to work to (as the html file contains the parameters).

So I hear you ask: Why do we have the option to publish to (swf)? Answer: This is for those who use Flash CS and wish to make the tour part of a Flash project or Flash only website. Whilst it is possible to use the .swf file in a .html page using relative simple html code, Tourweaver doesn't produce this code and the pre-loader/loader doesn't work.

Personally I would work away from "pop-up" sized tours. Use a proper web page with the tour embedded or use a lightbox type overlay feature. But these are decisions for you to make.

.... and yes I need to update the links for my commission web site.

Regards, Smooth

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:D - You said "whilst"

Heh heh...

Is there an issue with the "pop up" tour? Overall, I have been pleased with it.

The issue I have with the embedding is it leaves the view pretty distorted IMO. Especially when a person like myself has numerous toolbars running at the top and compresses the view of the tour a lot.

Thanks for the info on the .swf - did not know that and will work to stay away from it.

Again, the software is remarkable. The relavenant - not so much. But thank you again for all your help. You are an awesome resource for TW and I hope they realize it.