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Newbie Questions

I have googled, watched the videos and searched the forums but can't find basic info about the product, for example,

what size images are best for still images?
how do you resize a map or what size does the map need to be to fit in the templates?

I just want basic functionality to start with, I'm sure its a good product but it just is not that intuitive and the instruction videos are very hard to understand.

Appreciate a quick response as I have to make a decision on a software platform in the next day to meet a customer dead line.
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Still images are sized to meet the requirements of the "predicted maximum" viewing screen resolution, balanced with download weight (speed). If you plan to add zoom, you need more resolution.

The map works in a similar way. Get enough resolution to show as you would like and then decide if you want to be able to zoom. The map will auto move within the map viewer window to meet the scene being displayed (provided they are linked correctly).

You should think of images in the same way you would for a slideshow or display via a webpage.

Regards, Smooth [8D]