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TW 6.5 Image Quality

I have been using BMPs and letting TW convert them to JPG since I have been using TW for the past few years. I notice with 6.5 on the flash format the scenes are too compressed. In the past they would compress to about a meg. Each scene image now they are almost half the size in 6.5. It is very noticable in full screen mode. Can I set that some how in tourweaver publish settings? And will that apply to html5 also?
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What software are you using to process your photos?

I use photoshop and prepare all images there instead of letting TW decide.

Quick rundown...
Process images in Lightroom and export as tiff
Stitch spherical in PW 6000 x 3000
Convert to cubic and save tiff
Open tiff in Photoshop touch up nadir and zenith and save
Open cubic tiff in PW and convert to spherical.
Save 6000 x 3000 tiff and open in Photoshop
Size the tiff down 1000px and apply an unsharp mask and save as .jpg.
Open file and repeat giving a final size of 4000 x 2000.
Save For Web with a setting somewhere between 1.5 and 2.0 mb.
Add this file to TW scene.
Using the methods described assumes your excluding dial up users. If you prefer to reach this audience you will need to size the final .jpg down to around 2500 on the long side with an output somewhere around 750k to 900k.

In the end, come up with a process that works for you. I just wouldn't let TW be in charge of the final image conversion and output. Hope this helps....

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Thanks 360panz , Photoshop is the most popular image editting software.Most of our users use photoshop to process photos .In next version of panoweaver and tourweaver, we will optimize the image quality and play effect . Panoweaver8 and tourweaver7 will be released soon .Welcome to  try and give us suggestions and feedback when they are released .