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Tour file sizes to big.

Good day,
I am new to tourweaver and I found that my tour sizes are very big more than 35 MB. Too large to send as an attachment on an e-mail. I was wondering if there is any way I can reduce the size. I understand that the panorama images itself takes up lot of space so what is the recommended size of an panorama image to be used on tourweaver without losing detail. I also use panoweaver for stitching.
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I have exacly the samo isue,

I wonder what size advised,:

Size and resolution of each photo, especially if we produce the approximately 10 photos with a VT?

# # # # # # X px?
# # # MB?


Thanks for the hepl

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Not that I am an expert but this is what I do. In your photo editing software, say photo shop, click the 'image' tab then change the size to perhaps to 4000x2000, then 'save for web and devices'. I usually set my final file size around 2mb each which works for me. 35MB is far too big I would of thought. But keep your original photo intact for future use. Good luck.
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Hi wilhelmreitz and pedrobijou,

Terry Nam is right ,there is no perfect standard size for a panorama,but generally we suggest 4000X2000.However, if you want to seek the high quality of the panorama you can make it larger.

If you have added video in the tour ,you can use online video in Tourweaver7.

For the send by mail issue,you can upload the file to your sever or send by some free files deliver service such as Dropbox or .

Best regards