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Publishing tours from lower version issue

I did few Tours in Tourweaver 6 and older builds of 6.5. (like from 06.2011)

When I load them in the newest build of TW6.5 (november 2011), and then publish them - they stop loading at all. All I can see is Loading Screen and even no progress bar at all.

What I noticed is that tvwiever.swf file changed size (it was 303KB in previous builds, in the newest one it's 311KB) so I switched this new one with the old one [luckily I had exports from previous versions still in other folder] and now the Tour works fine.

Can Easypano fix this please?
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Hi seba_g,

Thank for your helpful feedbacks.

We have optimized weveral times for Tourweaver6.0 and 6.5, so the tvwiever.swf is a little different.

For the publish issue,I suggest you can download our latest version and rebuild the tour you made before,but not just input old project to the latest tw and then publish it directly.You can rebuild it or test it then publish it.

Thank fro your suggestion.If you still met this problem. Please let us know.