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How to embed this virtual tour in my web

How to embed this virtual tour in my web page?

it indicates
- Copy the following code and paste it in your own web page;
- Copy corresponding resource files, including Scene, Sounds, config_Panoramictour.bin, resources/panoramictour_sans titre-1.jpg,, swfobject.js, twviewer.swf and Optimhome_Panoramictour.html to the folder of your own page. Please keep the file structure unchanged.

how to integrate visit

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You first must have a registered site i.e.

2) ftp the files created in the by TW to a folder on that site (see above) you will need to change the name of the created (HTML) file to index.html su that it wil auotmatically run when a visitor goes to the link you provided

3) see this forum posting read the whole thread and I have screen shots of what files/folders need to be copied to your hosting site.
How to copy files to your domain

if you create your tour with HTML5 & Flash I only change the name on the "HTML" file just above the two folders

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