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urgent scaling problem

so i have this weird bug that i need a work around for immediately, the project is supposed to be live yesterday. My project is a fixed locked size of 740 by 750 when the tour begins 3 of four of my buttons as well as the compass and sound controller are not aligned, when you click and drag the window containing these tour these elements they start to move around with the size of the window. i guess one way to stop this is to open up a window the exact size and not allow the user to alter it. I didn't notice this problem because the exe does not have this issue. Could i send my files to easy pano for analysis, i in a real bind here, i've got to get this working asap

help anyone!!
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You must set the position of the buttons and other elements using the "Azimuth" 9 position selection squares. Upper Right, Upper Centre, Upper Left, Left, Centre, Right and Lower Left, Lower Centre, Lower Right. Make sure you have these positioned as required so that these elements hold position when you drag the window size.

Regards, Smooth [8D]

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Excluding what smooth said above, maybe you also need to check the option"Scale to Browser Window" upon running the program.

Surely, if your problem persists, it's alway your choice to send mail to for further assistance.

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I think you Including not excluding.

Hope That Helps