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No HTML5 at all?

I used the Panoweaver 7.0 standard trial because I want a program that does HTML5. I can only see a blank page with thumbnails and controls on the bottom both on iPhone and Android. I have the same effect with a direct link to the HTML5 web address on my server when using PC Safari browser.

I am quite disappointed, have also tried the Flash/HTML5 export option with no difference.

So, if HTML5 obviously doesn't work I would go with a different product despite the huge improvements from 6.5.

I have no issue to see the HTML5 example on your website, but that doesn't really resolve my problem here.
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I have never personally used PW, so i cannot reply as to any any problems. If it the HTML5 that you are after Try the TW7.
Html5 works fine.

Hope That Helps

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As far as i remember TW7 html5 output worked only on Safari browser. Did EP managed to fix it?

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