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We Need Support Easypano!

Let me first say that I have been a user of Easypano products for several years now and have been quite satisfied for the most part. These forums in general seem to be a great tool for users of Easypano products. I must say that Smooth's contributions to the forums is unbelievable and greatly appreciated. If it wasn't for Smooth I think Easypano would be in a world of hurt. It is because of him that most of us have any technical support for these products what so ever. Easypano should be paying him for all he does.

With all of that said I think it's time that Easypano starts providing the support and products that align with what they charge. I cannot even remember a fully stable version of TW that has no bugs or issues surrounding them. Let's face it... when you launch a new version of a product it should be ready to go. Instead, all of the hype turns into frustrations as the product doesn't preform up to expectations and everyone is forced to scramble to find a work-around or revert back to a previous version. By no means do I feel like Easypano does this on purpose, but a level of professionalism is at stake when you launch a new product or version. What would people say if Adobe launched products with so many bugs that they could be deemed unusable in part or whole.

I guess what I am getting at is that it would be nice if Easypano would start listening to what we have to say. I sometimes think that Easypano thinks we are all a bunch of virtual tour hobbyist and it doesn't really matter when bugs or new features are available to us. When in fact most of us are trying to make a living by using the products they supply. I still think that Easypano leads the market in many areas of virtual tour software, but I see features and stability from much smaller and unknown providers of virtual tour software. I am also not saying that Easypano is not working hard to fix bugs and implement new features, but we need stable products as well as confidence that Easypano has our backs.

My suggestion would be that Easypano implement a User Advisory Board that would come along side Easypano directly to share concerns about technical issues as well as help cast visions for new features. This board would be the voice of the user. Right now we rarely see much input from Easypano in the forums and really never know what or where bugs and new features are at in terms of getting fixed or what we can expect. If I were Easypano I would take some of the top contributes on these forums such as Smooth and pick their brains because I am absolutely positive they could enhance Easypano's products.

I hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears, but is taken as a challenge to improve products and relations with your loyal customers and users. Thank you Easypano for all your hard work and we look forward to the future.
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I couldn't agree with you more. I purchased my first copy of Tourweaver back in 2007 and their support has been shoddy at best (aside from a few users here on the forums) this entire time.

Basic core functionality suggestions that would seriously take the software to the next level have all gone either unnoticed or were just completely ignored.....simple things like *ehem*, MOUSE FRICTION!!!!! which has been ignored since way the hell back on July-09-2008 when it was first brought to their attention, which to me, is completely unacceptable.

Point blank, Tourweaver support sucks. If it wasn't for the forum users I don't believe that Tourweaver would have made it past v.3, and for those that don't agree.... take a look at my avatar.
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Same here, I agree with all,Easypano products are ridiculously overpriced compared to the competition and the users are simply patronised by easypano rather than supported. They will probably not even bother to read any of these posts !


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Hi Friends,

Thanks for your years' support to Easypano products. We're working hard on fixing bugs of TW 7 and will release updates from time to time.

If you have any complaints on Easypano support, you can send email to, and I will be listening and do everything I can to make our service better.

Best Regards,

Joe Rao

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