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Javascript Action: read excel file

Could someone know if is possible to read an Excel file using a Javascript action inside Tourweaver?

What I need is to extract a specific information from an Excel file, showing me for example the contents of a specific cell.

I hope to have explain well the problem.

Thanks to all.

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Hi there!

Javascript can not access Excel file, in fact - it can not access any file (i.e. read the content of files). What you can do - is to open Excel file in the separate (or the same) window providing URL to Excel file.
If you need to get the specific info from Excel file - you must code server-side program (usualy written in php) which will read Excel and provide the specific results for TW.
In short - i would seek for other solutions.

best wishes,
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HI there

I have never tried to read the excel files in javascript action before.However,i usually read the excel fiels using this Excel Reading SDK which       offers the most reliable and robust Microsoft Excel document reading capabilities to

professional developers and non-technical end users.

Maybe you can have a try at this excel tool.