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Tourweaver7 Pro has been optimized

Dear Easypano Friends,

A new updated version of Tourweaver 7 Pro for Win has been released. Features optimized is listed below:

Easypano Tourweaver 7.00, 07-20-2012

Builder: 7.00.120720

[-]Addressed the bug of blurred images for Listbox and Combobox.
[-]Addressed the angle corelating problem of radar on some machines.
[-]Resolved the problem of Zoom in/out of cylindrical panorama on some machines.
[-]Fixed the upload failure of FTP on some machines.

Download link:


Best regards



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I have seen 2 bugs in the las TW700120720 Release.

1st Bug Start Screen with TW 6 logo ??

2nd Bug When you publish in SWF format , the 3ds file dont appears ?? Sample 1 Ferrari file 3d / 3ds controller.

tested windows XP 32bites SP3, Flash11 Java7
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thanks for help,

i have problem with finishing my projekt in tourweaver 7 pro
look at this projekt please:

after loading window finish loading you will click scene title above the tour you can see title of the room its popup window with specified coordinates

problem is when you zoom your internet browser to 200% position of this title will change

i have more popupwindows in projekt but only this one its problematic

thans for help if possible

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You DO NOT zoom the browser. Tourweaver is designed to be viewed with the browser at 100% only.

Regards, Smooth