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HTML5 - Navigating Multiple Maps (tw7)

Is there a way to navigate through multiple maps in HTML5? 

Imagine wanting to navigate to multiple buildings on a school campus.

I see HTML5 supports link to scene, but not link to map.  Is there another way, or am I going to have to publish a separate tour for each building?

And is there any word on when IE will allow panos without having to use Flash?

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Hi Will,

Good news, yes you can. I've recently built a tour of a private school in html5 with multiple maps.
You need to place the map viewer into a popup window for html5 to show it.

My multiple maps run off the thumbnail but I think you could initiate separate maps using a control button.

One problem I did encounter was the maps when published in html5 had background markings that weren't originally present. I was using png files that were transparent, that might have been the reason.

To overcome that problem is simply replaced the maps of the published html5 tour with the published flash tour maps.

Here's the link
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Does this work on old HTML version? I just want to know though I am planning to use HTML5 soon.
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Hey Gordo,

I just tried to view that Link on an iphone and couldn't get the help pop up to vanish.

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