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HTML5 issues


so I did a very quick and dirty demo for a client and encountered a few issues:

The HTML5 version won't load on MAC 10.6.8 we just get an image of the pano but it won't load any further.

On MAC 10.5.8 it will load in HTML5 but I get white lines showing the cube faces.

On iphone the thumbnail would need to be resized to fit the phone.

The hotspots linking the images don't appear. (i just used the easypano green hotspot.)

Here are the 2 rough demos

Now I know that TW6.5 6 7 will publish HTML5 files, however, I feel that I may have to create 2 version of the same tour to optimise for ipad/iphone and pc/mac use. Things like a thumbnail strip needs to be smaller for iphone, slightly larger for i pad and pc/mac. What about pop-ups? Do I need to build pop-ups for iphone size and ipad size seperatly? what are the ideal size parametres for iphone and or ipad? Also, I thought nthat buttons linking images were supporttted... see above 2 comparrisons.

Thanks for your input... I'm building two tours and need some help to ensure I don't waste any more time... .-/

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I am also building two tours and would love to know how to have TW do the stripping and optimizing by itself. When I build a tour the main reason has been for a PC (Flash) but now with smart phones the need for HTML5 is needed. Its great that TW7.5 can do HTML5 and Flash (with one click) but it would be better if you could have settings/choices on what gets published for the HTML5 version. The list the HTML5 supports is great but when you have am iphone screen all of the stuff that is supported, and is used in the main tour, doesnt always need to be in the HTML5 tour.  


I dont want to build two anymore...SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!