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Fullscreen not working on Chrome

I´ve just upgraded my tourweaver to 7.00.121023 and when one press a button to go to fullscreen the page goes blank on Chrome browser!

You can see the exemple in the link:

I didnd´t have this issue until can you guys put out a new version with a new bug that didin´t happen in the previous version............just frustaiting!!

Hope you guys fix this soon!!

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Using Chrome 23.0.1271.95 m on Windows 7 using Flash your panorama worked for me.

That said, it is flakey. Sometimes you need to move the mouse to get the panorama image to show again. It does seem memory hungry.

The biggest issue with Chrome is that it doesn't use the latest version? or at least the same version of Flash as other browsers as it is "built in" to Chrome (which isn't ideal).

I say that they is an issue and along with reporting it to Easypano you MUST also may Google Chrome developers aware their browser isn't performing as expected.

Regards, Smooth

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Thanks smooth!

Gonna send google guys an msg!

But it seems that the easypano put a new version out. What actuallly brings another question.

When i download a new vwersion. Should I inistalll the older version??