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Adding Cubic Panorma in Tourweaver Problem

I am experiencing a difficulty regarding the load of  "cubic panoramas".

When i stitch the photos the player doesn't show anything.

I have not the same problems in spherical panoramas or cylindrical.

Also my image resolution is lower than 5000 pixels.

Please can you advise me a way to load and play properly the cube panoramas ?

If it is not difficult for you please sent me a cubic panorama image that actually works in order to see myself the order of pictures and the resolutions you use.

I am really great-full for your concern,


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Joined: 2012-11-30
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How are you making the cubic panorama sequence?

It is expected 6 tiles on one horizontal canvas with zenith and nadir the last two tiles.

There should be an example in the easypano sample folder.

C:\Program Files\Easypano\Tourweaver 7.00 Professional Edition\samples\sample1\Scene\cubicscene

Regards, Smooth

Originally posted by smooth on 2012-12-11 07:37

Thank you for your fast reply !

Unforunately my version of tourweaver doesn't have a folder with cubicscene.

Regarding my technic.

I use salado converter to create 6 cubic sides from a spherical panorama.

I dont know any good re-stiching program so i am trying to do it manually with corel photo paint or photoshop.

The problem is that still the combine picture is not playable.

1)Do you know any good program for automatic stiching because maybe it is my error.

2)Also please can you sent me a working panorama?

Thank you very much for your concern.

-------------------------------------------UPDATE !------------------------------------------------------

I did it ! The problem was the ratio, i had to make it 6:1 like 6000 * 1000 pixels.

But still if you have any good automatic cubic stiching creation program please don't hasitate to reply !