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Is it possible to embed html5

I've got a client who wants to embed a html5 tour using ios. Evey time he opens the tour it opens in full screen. Is it possible?



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Yes, it is possible. HTML5 virtual tour is supported in our program. After publishing the virtual tuor into HTML5 and upload all published files onto local server, it could be viewed on iPad/iPhone and Android devices(4.0 or above). Besides, hmtml5 virtual tour can also be viewed offline at present on iOS devices.

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I you an iFrame to embed into sites and it seems to work well even with HTML5.


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Is there any way to do it without an iFrame? So far, it publishes into the page no problem, but I can't get it to appear between div items, just at the bottom of the page. I can't find the parameter/css style/javascript whatever that's telling it to always be at the bottom, and I can't get authorization to purchase the full version until I can verify that it will embed wherever we want it.