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Image Files Sizes and Slice Display

I am having issues with image file sizing. For instance, I add to TW a regular image file that is 1400x933 pixels, totalling 300k in file size.  When I publish my tour, however, TW creates a 74k preview version of the file and then it creates 6 "slices" of the image.  If I total those slices together they create an image that is 2800 pixels on the long side totalling 1000k in file size.

The same thing is happening with my pano images, but because they are larger to start with, the increase in size is even more dramatic.  This is really slowing down my tours!  

I have selected and de-selected the "slice display" option when publishing, and it seems to make no difference at all.  Within "preferences" I have changed the JPEG quality setting as well as the "size mode" setting and these seem to make no difference.  When I publish I have tried turing on slice display and setting the JPEQ quality super low, but it makes no difference.

Help!  Why is TW making my images bigger and slicing them up?

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Hi, I am confused by your words. I am almost a green hand on this problem. You want to define the size of your images? But have you found any fine Imaging toolkits to help you? I suggest you to cutomize it by yourself. Because image compression can define the image size but decrease the resolution. I am not sure about it, but I hope you success. Good luck.

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