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Many many issues with tourweaver - flyout images disapear, black screens instead of pano

Hi All,

Having real dramas with this software. Not really getting anywhere with Easypano. We have a large tour with lots of panos. Each pano has about 5-10 fly out images and a few have some FLV videos.

I have tried making this work on 3 different machines.


Flyout images - some work, other just disapear when you click on them.

Linking to other panos - some hot spots dont work

Panos - some dont display at all. Black screen.

Is this normal? I just paid about $700 for this software. Doesnt seem right?

Any help would be apreciated.

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Could you please share your virtual tour link and send your project to via I will check your project and provide the solution ASAP.

By the way, are you running the program on a Mac or a Windows? What's the concrete edition No. of Tourweaver? It can be found in help menu.

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the black screens are because you are using progressive compression, make sure when you save your pano imahe that its using baseline compression only!