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Pop up - external loading?

Hello guys,

I'm using TW7.5 and i'm facing a problem.

I need to insert 150 swf in my project, but if I insert them as regular pop up image,all them will be in RESOURCES folder. That is bad, because my project is going to be huge and take too much time for loading, because in the first scene the entire RESOURCES folder is loaded. Each of my 150 swf has 4mb.

Could anyone suggest me some solution?

1) How to open a pop up in the project, showing a swf file without this swf being inside the RESOURCE folder?

2) How to open a "Link to URL" as a pop up box inside the tour? I would like to have a window without the address bar. (This could be a solution for my project)


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Probably the best way is to use javascript action to open a pop up fed from an external source.

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