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Tourweaver 7.7 Issues - Anyone else having these problems? Solutions?

Using Tourweaver 7.70.131017 on Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Currently, I am publishing the tour using the Automatic Flash/Html5 format option. I then go into the _auto folder, select all 3 folders/files located within the _auto folder (flash folder, html folder, and html file of the same name as my Tourweaver project used to publish), compress those items, name the compressed file/folder “”, and then upload that to our tour hosting site.

The tours most times load to our hosting site properly and are able to be viewed, but they are consistently missing the hotspots (linked to a "scene") on the "map" section of our tours. For us, this is the floor plan of the home, so having hotspots on each room is key so that our potential guests can quickly choose the room they want to view and go straight there rather than just choosing a room from the preview image of the "scene" located in the bottom pane of the tour window. I'm choosing preloaded hotspot graphics for these hotspots on the floor plan/map, not a custom graphic. The hotspots show up just fine when I preview the tour through Tourweaver prior to publishing, but as soon as it's published and uploaded to our hosting site, they disappear. According to our hosting site, the hotspots show up on the map when viewed in HTML5 version, but not in the Flash version. Obviously, I need our tours to have all the same features regardless of whether they're viewed on a computer using Flash or a device that doesn't support Flash (like an iPhone).

I've also found that some of the tours I'm uploading are not showing media (YouTube videos) in the scenes. The media screen pops up but is just a blank black screen with the YouTube icon in the lower right corner. You can click on the "watch on YouTube" link that pops up when you hover over the YouTube logo, but when you click on the screen to view the media in-scene nothing happens.

Hope I've described our issues well enough that somebody out there experiencing the same problems can recognize it and maybe offer up a solution. Have been emailing back and forth with easypano and our hosting site over the past week, but have yet to find the solution.